If self-help books and websites are simply not cutting it to make the needed changes in your life, you are not alone! Don’t feel defeated; Laura has the tools to apply your new-found knowledge effectively. Work with Laura The Life Coach so you can finally create the changes you have been longing to make.

It is your beliefs and choices that weave the happiness, love and authenticity into your life. Every day, people like you believe there’s more to discover about themselves and to maximize their potential they partner with me. Give me a call at 919-793-8442 or Click HERE to schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Session.

We take our kids, pets, teeth and even our cars for checkups. Why not Your overall life, goals, and happiness?

Life is too short and you just can’t afford to wait another day.


What is LIfe coaching?

Coaching can help you to understand what makes you react and think the way you do.

Be you and start to love what you can’t change and change what you don’t love.

Laura’s coaching gives you the confidence to believe in yourself and your abilities in a way unlike anyone could before.

Ultimately life coaching brings out the best version of YOU!


What are my Services?

I help you overcome these trying situation:

  • Feeling like you are never enough

  • Removing beliefs that make you feel guilty and/or shameful

  • Worrying about acceptance and validation from others

  • Self bullying

  • Managing and prioritizing your feelings

  • Wanting to be all and do all, while losing the best version of you


How will you feel after Coaching?

According to Bill Gates, “everyone needs a coach”,

You will feel confident to go for what you want and not feel guilty about taking care of you. Laura has a way of creating a safe space where you feel noticed, normal, valued, appreciated, and heard. She notices your full potential...every time. 

You will finally find clarity and confidence, and a means to look at some of life's more challenging aspects through a completely different lens and ready to take action and move forward to be the best version of you.

Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life.
— Mandy Hale

when you feel …


Select Laura The Life Coach she has the ability to set you free.


Laura Reichert


I am equipped to inspire you with clarity, hope and leadership to overcome the limiting beliefs and obstacles that are keeping you in a rut.

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I am available to work with your company, school, or a "girls night out" workshops. I also am a motivational facilitator and speaker.

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