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Exclusive Authentic Success Process System 

Discover -  Let Go - Embrace

Understand Yourself

You’ll discover your authentic values and beliefs so you can let go of your past mistakes and learn to forgive yourself.

Reframe your Thoughts

Reframe your negative self-talk to stop influencing your decisions, emotions, and how you feel about yourself to increase self-esteem.

Live with Purpose

Start being proactive about increasing your satisfaction in life and leverage everything you’ve learned to live authentically.

Good Bye Anxiety, Hello JOY!


The short answer is yes!

I help high-achievers every day who feel stuck, anxious, and stressed out!

Let’s take your power back!


The Authentic Success Process System has 3 guiding principles.

Discover your authentic belief system. Let go of the beliefs you have adopted throughout your life. Embrace this new way of thinking and being.

3 Coaching Opportunities for you


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Let's introduce you to my unique approach to coaching, hear about what you want to accomplish with coaching, and answer any questions you may have.

There is never any pressure to schedule any further appointments. This time is genuinely spent getting to know each other and seeing if this is a good fit for you.

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1:1 - 60 minutes Transformational Authenticity Life Coaching Session

One INTENSIVE hour, you and me!

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The 90-Day Program  

An immersive and highly personalized coaching experience transforming internal and external conflict into opportunities for growth and change.

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How to move yourself out of a negative mindset

When you learn to manage your negative thoughts, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create the life you’ve always wanted. Download my quick 4-step process today:

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I’m Life Coach Laura!

I, too, was a bystander in my life—a mousey people-pleasing spouse, parent, employee and friend.

My post-traumatic wisdom, gifted intuition, and years of experience as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the gold standard, globally recognized International Coach Federation (ICF) are integral in my professional coaching approach.

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