Not Everyone is Supportive of your Success

I recently read this article in the Huffington Post and I had a mini-epiphany: why are we women so often mean to the ones closest to us?

In our high-pressure modern society, it is not uncommon to hear friends trash talk about others' parenting choices, appearances, relationships, and careers successes behind their backs. Is it jealousy, fear, or something else? This passive-aggressive bitching and gossiping can not only be addictive and a "fun" way to pass time, but it is destructive to the intended recipient and damaging to our own karma.

And it's time to make a change!

Why do we have to tear another woman down to build another woman up?
— Reese Witherspoon

Join me in starting a ripple effect by supporting the decisions of those that are close to us:

  1. Be Kind - be intuitive to others emotions and challenges during moments of stress or transition, and offer support.
  2. Spread Love - motivate, inspire, and empower those who are making big life changes.
  3. Build Others Up - steer conversations away from hurtful gossip and focus on everyone's success, whether they are big or small.

What are some of the other ways that we can show support of others?