How to Set Powerful Intentions to Achieve Your Personal Happiness

Living Intentionally

Powerful intentions are the things that help make our dreams come true and enable us to live the life that we choose. Setting an intention is the first step to manifesting the process and making these dreams a reality.

Every Sunday, I like to write a list of personal goals and desires for the week ahead as a way of setting my personal intentions and kickstarting the process of achieving them. This not only gives me a personal focus, but it directs my energies into the areas of my life that matter most to me. I also find that putting things down in writing makes me more accountable.

You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.
— excerpt from the Upanishads

But how do I set a powerful intention? This is a question that many of my clients ask me and can be the most challenging part :) Use this guide to help you set powerful intentions and achieve your personal happiness.

1. Create a Ritual.

Write it down. As mentioned earlier, I like to write down my intentions for the week every Sunday, but you can choose to do this once a month or even once a quarter (depending on the size or the scope of your personal goals), so long as you do it regularly, it doesn't matter how often you do it.

Another great idea for your ritual is to create the right environment. You could meditate first to get into an optimal state of mind and connect to your soul, you could choose to do some abstract painting to open your creative channels, or may just want to sit quietly outdoors in nature with a cup of tea and a pen and paper. Whatever it is you choose, make sure that your ritual is personal and leaves you feeling clear-minded, inspired and uplifted.

2. Be Decisive.

What do you really, really want? The more you desire something, the more likely you are to stay focused on achieving it. You also want to be clear and specific - know exactly what you want to avoid sending conflicting intentions out to the universe. Consider all aspects of your life: career, health, family, love, money, home, self-care, spirit…

3. Visualize.

Sit quietly, and openly imagine what that intention looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like, even tastes like. Ask yourself how will you show up when you’ve achieved it? What difference will it bring to your life? How will you celebrate it when you have it? Let this evolve in your mind, and in your energy for a few moments. Allow yourself to be grateful for the dream and excited for your life. 

4. Let it Go.

This can be the hardest part, but in order to make space for a new experience or thing to come into your life, you need to get rid of the old. This includes emotional baggage, inner conflict, confusion, stress, and limiting beliefs, as well external clutter in your home or workplace. Think of this step as the spring cleaning or nesting phase in anticipation of your new, powerful intention. 

5. Create an Action Plan.

Say it loud and proud, and take daily action! Know what it takes to achieve your dreams and make mindful decisions to constantly work towards achieving your powerful intentions. In order to not only manifest your powerful intentions, but to really achieve them, you must be conscious of your why and how. Your why is a powerful driving force of manifestation in your life so it's important to understand why you really want these things. Your how is your motivational action plan and will determine your path for achieving them.

Embracing growth and asking for help or support are part of this journey, so build up a support team that will motivate and encourage you.

6. Reflect

You can do this daily or several months after you have written your intentions down, but that main objective is to use gratitude and acknowledge how the universe might be aligning to manifest your powerful intentions. 

Perhaps you have a financial goal, but you have recently lost your job. Instead of feeling defeated and showing resentment, thank the universe for removing an obstacle in your path. Embrace steps 4 and 5 and be open to new possibilities of financial success.

What next?

Now it's your turn! Make a list of 10-20 things you really want. It might include that beautiful house you imagine yourself living in, a new job that fully utilizes your talents, a better relationship with your spouse... Remember to think about all of the areas of your life - there is nothing too big or too small to ask for, so long as it is authentic to you. Follow the guidelines above and write your powerful intentions below or share your story in our private Facebook group.

Enjoy creating magic in your life!