Declutter your Life

Decluttering is the greatest act of self-compassion.

It’s your opportunity to let go of the things that mirror your fears and limitations. And your invitation to the universe that you’re ready to move forward. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy! There are a few gremlins that like to trip you up.

NO WORRIES! Dorena Kohrs has got you covered.

The 8 BLOCKS TO DECLUTTERING is your guide to what’s getting in the way of untangling from your stuff.

So you can move from overwhelmed to overjoyed!

For each block to decluttering, there is a video followed by an audio clip. The audio clip will walk you through the worksheet.

You can download all of the worksheets below. Or you can print the individual worksheets from each section.

» Use password spacedoula to access The 8 Blocks.