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Do More of What You Love

With such busy schedules and a million and a half responsibilities, we easily forget to do the things that we love. In our society, being productive and keeping busy is prioritized and often associated with success. But endless tasks, back to back and day after day, sap our happiness and drain our energy. Energy we often fail to replenish, leaving us feeling empty and tired.

Download my free worksheet to get started doing more of what you love.

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Stress Scale Manager

Identify your triggers. Once you know where your stress is coming from—a relationship, kids, a workload— you can sometimes reduce or prevent the stress. After giving the matter some focused thought, you can recognize sensible steps to change the situation. Even if changing the trigger isn’t possible, a shift in perspective may help alleviate stress. For example, if your husband is irritating you, stepping back and adjust your expectations may allow you to keep your composure. 

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Can Your Future Self Help your Current Self?

There are two keys principles to keep in mind when practicing visualization. The first is, your practice needs to be consistent. 10 minutes a day every day, will always beat an intense hour long session once a week. It helps to make a commitment to practice your visualization the same time every day. First thing in the morning as close to waking as possible is ideal. This is because the mind is still slightly lucid at this time, which makes it easier to conjure up images.

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