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I am so happy you are here!

Hi, I am Laura the Life Coach, and I am a wife, mom, and credentialed life coach. I believe we are all more alike than we are different and I am passionate about connecting and working with “woke” women like yourself. My goal as a coach is to guide you in bridging the gap between all the self-help books, podcasts, and positive information that you enjoy and teaching you how to weave these brilliant concepts into your everyday life.

So, whether you’re brand new to life coaching or a seasoned expert, I believe that we all can benefit from having someone support in our corner of life. I utilize a variety of practical yet life changing tools that will help you implement and sustain this new way of thinking (and doing!) to create a truly authentic and happy life.

With each change, you contribute to the energetic rippling effect of positivity!

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You are responsible for everything in your life. Your only limit is YOU!

Do you need a coach to help you get to the next level?

Because quite honestly, if you knew how to do it by yourself, you would have already done it. Am I right?! According to Bill Gates, “everyone needs a coach”, including the world’s best business professionals and top athletes. This isn’t because the coach is better than their client, it's because the coach can see your blind spots. Coaching can help you to understand what makes you react and think the way you do. As your coach, I have an outside perspective and can offer small adjustments that will give you the confidence to believe in yourself and your abilities unlike ever before. Ultimately life coaching brings out the best version of YOU and the strategies that I use are timeless - they will work for you today, a year from now, and will probably still work in 100 years.

Are you as excited as I am? Let’s get started!

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② Plan your transformation with me in a 2-hour strategy session.

③ Choose your coaching roadmap.

④ Be inspired, do the work, and live your best life.

⑤ Share the rippling effect of positivity.

Rinse and repeat as needed!


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