Let’s Work Together

My coaching philosophy is not a one size fits all approach—it’s tailored just for you. I limit the number of clients I work with to encourage focused, individual attention. I provide a confidential, private time-out to step back and reflect on what’s working in your life, what’s not, and why. I work with motivated clients who seek personal growth, increased awareness, and a strong desire to be truly present in their lives and authentic in who they are regardless of their circumstances or challenges. My coaching facilitates a rippling effect of positivity while bridging the gap toward clarity, confidence, and a renewed outlook for your daily journey.


How I work

If you have an interest in coaching in my practice, complete the questions on the contact page completely and thoroughly. Depending on your goals, we will likely begin with a complimentary 15-minute consultation to answer any questions and discover how we might collaborate together. We will then progress onto a 2-hour Life by Design strategy session and/or a customized coaching program to facilitate the achievement of your vision.