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Imagine the changes you can create having “Laura The Coach” at your fingertips for less then a cup of coffee a day! Coaching for transformation process helps people break through limiting beliefs, identify their emotions and understand their needs and values. Tap into your new way of being.

  • Manage Conflict

  • Regain Your Energy Levels

  • Foster Healthy Relationships

  • Speak Up At Work

  • Demand Respect

  • Push Over Make Over

  • Increase Personal Power

  • People Pleaser Recovery

  • The Power of “NO”

  • Build Confidence Guilt Free


Children, spouses, and co-workers may make you feel as if yo have no power over your life because of the demands they make on your time. They may cross boundaries of respect and you may feel that you’ve lost control of your own wants and needs.

You can have a coach too! Now there is “Coaching On The Go™”


Busy, busy, busy

We tend to let others define who we are and what we are capable of doing. We tend to put others needs before our own. Self-sabotaging thoughts ‘I just can’t fit in another thing in my schedule.’

If that sounds familiar, then virtual Life Coaching is the perfect fit for you.


anytime & anywhere

You know by now how a Life Coaching works and how it will help you design a life that feels comfortable and peaceful. Whether you’re dealing with a tough situation or just trying to get some support Laura The Life Coach can help you through it.

But how do you fit it in your busy schedule? The only way to do that is to sign up for Laura The Life Coach’s "Coaching On The Go Program™." Laura’s one-on-one clients say that they use her virtual coaching as a maintenance plan to keep their new way of thinking and feeling in check.

It’s ICF quality, affordable, and a convenient Life Coaching service.


Believe In You! You’re Worth It!

We all need a little help getting to the next level in life. Laura will be able to support you when you need it most; day or night, through your highs and lows, on your own schedule, at your own pace. Revisit your messages whenever you need a reminder that you’ve got this.

With virtual coaching you can engage with Laura whenever you want and on any device you choose. Laura’s passion is to make life coaching accessible, easy, and affordable for everyone!

Say yes to yourself and start right now!


Unlimited Support Starts Here

It’s easy:



Now that you are ready to take your power back, purchase your e-Coaching subscription HERE !



Next click HERE to sign up for your one time 45 minute Zoom Strategy session (covered by your initial set up fee). This is when Laura will answer any questions you may have and together you will create a powerful vision of what is possible in your work together.



Take ACTION by hopping on to your email and send Laura your first intention to Laura@TriangleLifeCoaching.com.

Take your time to ponder and digest Laura’s responses. Complete your homework and then when you are ready, you can reply back to Laura, building on from what you and Laura started or even pose new questions or concerns. Rinse and repeat!

HUGE BENEFIT: You can revisit our email conversations anytime to shift back into alignment.


I love how virtual coaching is a self-guided experience and that I can choose how much time I want to invest in myself while also being gently reminded of my goals.
— Lindi Ogilvie

Virtual Coaching Plan




($125 One time initial set up fee)

Imagine having unlimited access to an expert Life Coach for inspiration, motivation, with unbiased feedback anytime. With e-coaching, I help you shift back to feeling sensational with no phone calls, no appointments, just simply email me whenever you need! Message me as often as you need, connect as many times as you like, and pick my brain for all I am worth.

It’s never been easier or more effective! This unique coaching plan allows you to deepen your awareness, move toward alignment and step into action.

Laura's heartfelt responses will never be when she is on the go.

She ensures that you receive 100% of the ICF coaching experience by respectfully responding to you within 1 business day. Laura's responses will be short intentional thought-provoking questions accompanied by tools to nurture your transformation with relevant resources, links, videos, and book selections. Once you have completed your homework you can send back your results and ask your next question.

There is power in knowing why you are who you are, how to love what you can't change and how to change what you don't love.

Believe in you. You’re worth it!

*Book your Strategy Zoom Session HERE

Make it happen!

Life Coaching is about being accountable and taking personal responsibility. If you sign up, show up and be committed to yourself and this process, the magic will happen!

The best investment you can ever make is investing in yourself.
Believe in you. You’re worth it.