Life Coaching On-the-Go™

Virtual Life Coaching

Most people know how to invest in themselves. They make time in their tight schedules for self-care like getting their nails and hair done or going to the gym. But most of us still hesitate at the thought of prioritizing self-help.

Not anymore! Now there is “Coaching On The Go™.”



Busy, busy, busy

Life Coaching can and will change your life. As women, we tend to let others define who we are and what we are capable of doing. We tend to put others needs before our own. Self-sabotaging thoughts ‘I just can’t fit in another thing in my schedule.’

If that sounds familiar, then virtual Life Coaching is the perfect fit for you.



anytime & anywhere

You know by now how a Life Coach works and how it will help you design a life that feels comfortable and peaceful. But how do you fit it in your busy schedule? The only way to do that is to sign up for Laura The Life Coach’s "Coaching On The Go Program™." I have heard some of my clients say that they use my virtual coaching as a maintenance plan to keep their new way of thinking and feeling in check.

It’s ICF quality, affordable, and a convenient Life Coaching service.



Believe In You!
You’re worth it!

We all need a little help getting to the next level in life. I want to be able to support you when you need it most; day or night, through your highs and lows, on your own schedule, at your own pace.

With virtual coaching you can engage with me whenever you want and on any device you choose. I want to make life coaching accessible, easy, and affordable for everyone!

Say yes to yourself and start right now!


How does Virtual Coaching work?



I will send you my ‘Powerful Pondering’ thoughts questionnaire. As your coach, it's helpful for me to get a better understanding of how you view the world and yourself in particular.

• These questions are designed to stimulate your thinking and to make our work together more productive.

• Please answer each of these questions as clearly and thoughtfully as possible, expressing the best of who you are. A short answer - a couple of words or sentences are usually enough. But if you want to write more, then do.

• Finally, if there are any questions you do not feel comfortable with, you don't have to answer them. But know that it is often by exploring our discomfort, that we achieve our greatest growth.



My heartfelt responses will never be when I am on the go. So that you receive 100% of the ICF coaching experience I will respectively respond to you within 48 hours. My responses will be short intentional thought-provoking questions. I always ask permission to share suggestions or a story that I feel is relevant to your situation.



Take your time to ponder and digest my response. When you are ready, you can reply back to me, building on from what we started or even pose new questions or concerns. Rinse and repeat!



We will co-create your new alignment with relevant resources, links, videos, and book selections. Once you feel complete I will send you a final email recapping your goals and intentions.

*At this point, you can decide if you want to continue with a maintenance program or start a new intention.


I love how virtual coaching is a self-guided experience and that I can choose how much time I want to invest in myself while also being gently reminded of my goals.
— Lindi Ogilvie

Virtual Coaching Plans


Unlimited emails for $149/month.

Imagine having unlimited access to an expert Life Coach for inspiration, motivation, with unbiased feedback anytime. With virtual coaching, I help you shift back to feeling sensational with no phone calls, no appointments, just simply email me whenever you need! Message me as often as you need, connect as many times as you like, and pick my brain for all I am worth.


1 email per week for 3 months for $199.

This plan allows us to stay connected. It holds you accountable for whatever you want accomplish . It takes about 90 days for the neural pathways to change and create a new healthy habit.

To make the most out of our partnership, I always advise you to reach out mid-week to let me know how you are doing and if there’s anything specific I can help you with in the next set of emails.

Make it happen!

Life Coaching is about being accountable and taking personal responsibility. If you sign up, show up and be committed to yourself and this process, the magic will happen!

The best investment you can ever make is investing in yourself.
Believe in you. You’re worth it.