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When You’re Consumed with Negativity Apply These 5 Expert Tips to Realize You’re Thinking Negatively

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Some of us, even though we may not know why, are often focused on the negative aspects of life. Do you notice more of the not-so-good elements of your existence rather than focus on the great things happening around you? 

Or you might find yourself being negative in certain situations, like only when you’re with your brother or your spouse’s family. Consider the situation that’s triggering your negativity. If you’re consumed with it, then you’re not noticing the positivity and brightness around you. 

Apply these tips when you recognize you’re thinking negatively: 

Stay in tune with yourself. Are you often disagreeing with others or bringing others down by your negative comments? Watch what you’re saying to others. Reflect on the reason you might want to bring this negativity. 

Ask yourself, “why.” What are the reasons you’re being negative in the situation? Are you actually a bit envious of your brother because he’s doing so well financially? Maybe you didn’t really feel like visiting your in-laws so you’re directing your negative feelings toward your partner at the moment.

  • When you figure out whether your negativity is situation-related or maybe because you’re just not feeling well this day, you’re in a better position to take some steps to control it.

Tell yourself to stop the negativity now. Although it sounds overly simple, you’re the only one who can truly decide to stop these thoughts. If it will help, visualize a red octagonal stop sign in your mind’s eye. Focus on the stop sign to arrest those negative thoughts.

Rarely does anything positive come from your negativity. Plus, those thoughts stand to make you feel worse about whatever situation you’re in.

  • When you can say to yourself, “My attitude’s not helping anything,” it shows you recognize the impact of your negativity on yourself and others.

Challenge yourself. When you’re in a situation that typically triggers your negativity, focuses on finding the positives. You may be surprised at what you discover.

  • For example, if you have only tepid feelings about spending time with your in-laws, decide to discover something positive about them next time.
  • Maybe you share a love for the same type of music or your mother-in-law loves Marlon Brando movies just like you do. When you challenge yourself to find the silver lining in a situation, your negativity will dissipate.

Only you have the power to flip your world from darkness to brightness. Simply by refusing to take the route of negativity, you’ll discover the magic of your personal strength. When you leave the negative behind, you’ll discover nothing but positive waiting for you. That’s when you know you’ve taken control of your thoughts in the strongest sense. 

“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.” ~Khalil Gibran

Laura Reichert is the CEO and founder of Triangle Life Coaching. 

She offers in-office coaching and virtual coaching via video or phone call. 

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